Spotlight Pitching Company Processing

After you have been accepted to present, in order to process your application to pitch at a Linked Ventures Spotlight a technology and administrative payment of $600 is required.  If you have not applied or submitted an Application to Pitch go back to our Home Page and complete that step first and then come back here to process your payment after you have been notified of acceptance.

If selected to present at a Linked Ventures Investor Summit, your company will pitch your deal to a live audience of  investors. If your company is not selected, you may still attend the event as Industry Professionals.

What's included if your company is selected to pitch?

  • You will have 10 to 25-minutes to present a Live Pitch presentation to an audience of investors ($500 value)

  • We will send targeted emails to our investor database inviting them to hear your presentation ($900 value)

  • We will invite our targeted LinkedIn followers inviting them to see your presentation ($1,500 value)

  • We will post announcements on our LinkedIn inviting them to hear your presentation and follow-up to ensure the posts are getting traction and attracting investors ($200 value)

  • We will design custom graphics that you can use in your emails or to post on your social media letting your network know you'll be presenting at one or more of our exclusive events ($125 value)

  • We will draft a custom email that you can use in your emails letting your audience know about the event ($125 value)

  • We will provide 1-hour of Pre-Pitch Coaching prior to event, so you can learn how to present your offering in a way that gets results from investors ($250 value)

  • We host a Pre-Production meeting with you, our support staff and the host to make sure the event will be successful and clear up any questions and prevent technical issues ($500 value)

  • We provide a host & support staff for the event ($5,000 value)

  • We provide a Post-Production Video of the event that you can use to show other prospective investors that were not able to see your presentation ($150 value)

  • We provide you with the Investor Leads - Names, contact information, and survey of results from a number of investors that registered/attended the event that you can follow up with ($500 value)

  • We provide Post-Pitch Coaching of up to 30 minutes, so you can learn how to better present your offering for the future ($125 value)

  • You'll gain valuable speaking time and exposure

  • You'll leverage your time and get in front of hundreds of investors faster than you can imagine

  • Hosting of your offering on our platform ($2,000 value)

  • And more opportunities, depending on the level of service you need

You receive over $10,000 in value for one low opportunity cost to help us cover the technology and administrative costs.

Are there any other other costs associated with presenting?


The simple answer is NO.  Linked Ventures is just as interested in your fundraising success as you are and we provide all of this value for one low cost.  However, we can also work with you to assist with your fundraising goal to the level of assistance you need.  Each situation is unique.  For full details on other opportunities please speak with a representative.

This is your opportunity to get in front of active investors and entrepreneurs — gain high status and speaking time to this audience of influencers and obtain their contact info and make them part of your community.

To fully process your application you'll need to provide:

1) One-Pager, 2) Pitch Deck, 3) Evidence of Traction

Applications can be submitted online using our Apply to Pitch Form, on Gust, or via email.

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