Flowe Technology & Driftless Extracts Voted Best Pitch by Investors

Jim Makoso, CEO of Flowe Technology presented their offering to investors at the Linked Ventures Investor Spotlight live online on December 17, 2020. Flowe Technology creates the only true cannabis nanoparticles by using a 1-step water-based extraction process that eliminates dangerous solvents. The resulting product is a micro-crystalline powder that can be infused with almost any base ingredient to create solid and liquid edibles. Edibles created with Flowe are both free of solvents and faster acting. Flowe Technology has 3 patents pending for their process. Flowe Technology won the Investor Judges vote in a split-decision amongst five presenting companies.

The audience also voted on who delivered the best pitch and agreed with one investor judge who voted for Driftless Extracts. The audience gave 34% of their vote to Driftless Extracts over the other four competitors. It was a tight race with Flowe Technology receiving 22%, eBumps receiving 19%, Element Apothec receiving 16%, and Christina receiving 9% of the of the audience vote. Co-Founder Simon Liegel presented the Driftless Extracts offering to investors. Driftless Extracts is a hemp solutions provider located in the heart of the Driftless region of southern Wisconsin. Their vision is to revitalize local agriculture with hemp as a centerpiece to a renewable future. Driftless continues to bring leading-edge technology to their facilities as they build services to support their grower network.

We look forward to both of these companies changing the future of their industry.

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