Announcing Investor Judge Terry Buffalo.
​Terry Buffalo Past investor judge


Terry is a seasoned executive in the financial services sector that transitioned into the cannabis sector. Mr. Buffalo serves as the Chief Executive Officer of American Cannabis Company, Inc. (ACC) based in Denver, Colorado. His ability to convey complex information in a concise and straightforward manner combined with his expertise in investment, regulatory compliance and audit responsibility has positioned Mr. Buffalo to be an effective member of the ACC team as the company continues to expand

About Company: ACC began in 2013 as a fully-fledge provider of end-to-end industry-specific consulting solutions for those looking to start or improve their operations.  After having secured many license opportunities for clients both domestically as well as internationally, the ACC brand is pivoting to become a vertically integrated multi-state operator.

Terry Buffalo, CEO/CFO

American Cannabis Company

  • Email:

  • Cell number: 501-529-7066

  • Office Number: 303-974-4770 x 108

  • Address: 2590 Walnut Street, #6, Denver, CO 80205

  • LinkedIn: Terry Buffalo

  • LinkedIn: American Cannabis Company

  • Investment Area of Interest: Cannabis

  • Minimum to Maximum Investment amount per company: $500k-$5mm

Announcing Investor Judge Josh Kincaid.p
​Josh Kincaid Past investor judge


Josh was a Securities Risk Analyst managing a $650 million fund in the Investment Banking Industry with proven success in finance, compliance, and operations within a highly regulated industry. Josh has been connecting individuals and businesses within all facets of the supply chain since his internship at the World Trade Center. He keeps a finger on the pulse of the industry utilizing technology and data from HeadSet, New Frontier Data and the Cannabis Alliance, remaining informed by analyzing economic market reactions over the last 6 years.

Josh is on the Board of Advisors, as well as a Capital Market Analyst, Director of Finance and contract CFO for companies throughout North America and intends to leverage his resources and expertise to drive the Cannabis Industry further

About Company: SuperChronics is a boutique advisory firm that focuses on cannabis finance, data analytics, risk management, and compliance with an emphasis on strategic partnerships, M&As and international expansion

Josh Kincaid, Capital Markets Analyst


Announcing Investor Judge David
​David Logan Past investor judge


David is a serial entrepreneur and is passionate about helping entrepreneurs succeed.  He currently manages two companies that empower entrepreneurs:, a broker/dealer helping startups raise capital while providing family offices, high net-worth individuals, access to great investment opportunities.  Umergence has team of 14 seasoned team members with extensive networks to strategic investors.

The second company is a, a software development company helping companies build amazing

software.  SumatoSoft has a team of 86 talented developers with our largest clients being Toyota and Disney and we also service SMBs.

About Company:   Umergence is a broker-dealer specializing in private placements and alternative investments.  Our representatives work on institutional placement agent assignments, M&A advisory, early to late stage direct investments, and late-stage secondary opportunities.

Our team of seasoned professionals average more than 20 years in the industry and have collectively been involved with raising more than $75 billion of capital. We leverage a carefully cultivated network of domestic and international single/multi-family offices, high network individuals, private equity funds, pensions funds, endowment funds, institutional lenders and strategic investors.

David Logan, CEO


  • Email:

  • Cell number: 860-803-5111

  • Office number: 860-838-3332

  • 1006 South Main Street, Plantsville, CT 06479

  • LinkedIn: David Logan

  • LinkedIn: Umergence

  • Minimum to Maximum Investment amount per company: $500k-$10mm



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